About Us

As Landor Group Companies, we have been serving as an organizer and contractor in the supply chain and international transportation sector for 30 years with our Istanbul-based Landor Logistics company and for 15 years with our Stuttgart-based Landor Logistics GmbH company, and we work shoulder to shoulder with our customers as a process solution partner. We reinforce our experience with our R2 (TIO) international transport organization certificate and ISO quality certificates, which have been in existence since 2002.

With our regular lines between Turkey and European countries, we provide services with a focus on partial, express, refrigerated, transit, combined and suspended transportation, with our Stuttgart warehouse located in the center of Europe, with a “door-to-door” transportation approach focused on intra-European transportation and storage. At the same time, we are able to meet our customer’s train, ship, plane and cargo transportation needs in the fastest way, at the most affordable price, through our business partners and agencies all over the world.

Within the scope of our Private Customer Service program, with our tow truck + wide range of trailers, minivans and 3,5T tarpaulin self-owned and rental vehicles, we promise the best transportation experience with superior service quality in line with the most important criteria of logistics, speed, reasonable price and timing.