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    What is Logistics ?

    Effective and efficient planning, implementation, transportation, storage and delivery of all kinds of products, services and information flows in order to meet the needs of the customer, from the starting point (source) to the end point of consumption (end consumer) in both directions in the supply chain. is to be kept under control.

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    Which Transport Services Do You Provide ?

    Complete land transportation, Railway Transportation, Air transportation Fair transportation Project Transportation, Partial Transportation, Frigo Transportation Dangerous Goods Transportation – ADR International Heavy, Lowbed and Out of Gauge Transportation

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    Can I change user information through the portal ?

    User information cannot be changed through the portal. If you want to make changes, you will have to contact us, put your registration inactive and apply again.

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    How Does the Logistics Transport Process Work ?

    For the export process; If the approval is received, vehicle planning is done by considering whether the load is consolidated or partial. After this planning, the freight amount is calculated over different measures (lademeter, cubic meter). If a shipment is to be made in the consignment, the goods are evaluated according to their physical qualities, intermediate transportation is made and collected in a certain place, or if the order received is a complete loading, the vehicle is directed to the address to be loaded. When the vehicle that will carry out the transport is loaded, information such as cargo information and unloading instructions are sent to the customs department. And here again, after the customs procedures, which should be done according to the type of the goods, the vehicle is taken to the road. From this moment on, the tracking of the departing vehicle begins. In critical places such as border crossings, customs gates, unloading points, the driver is contacted and possible problems are tried to be resolved. According to the unloading instruction, the driver goes to the relevant addresses and the customs points where the goods belonging to those addresses will be checked, and the delivery of the goods is completed in this way.

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    What Sectors Are You Working In ?

    We provide services in the fields of Road Transport, Railway Transport, Sea Freight, Lowbed Transport, Adr Transport and Project Logistics. We serve every sector, especially food, automotive, cosmetics, textile, iron and steel, forest products, building materials.

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    Do you have a Vehicle Navigation Tracking System ? - How do you inform ?

    In your international road transports, we share with you the location information of the vehicle your cargo is in every morning. In addition, you can reach our operation specialists 24/7 via e-mail and/or phone and get up-to-date information whenever you want.

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    What is Partial Load ?

    In its shortest definition, partial load; It is the name given to the loads that do not fill a single vehicle belonging to different persons or organizations to be transported on the same route. This type of cargo is loaded together to the vehicle that will go to the relevant route. In this way, transportation costs are saved.

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    What is International Transport ?

    Increasing globalization of international trade and efforts to enter the common market have led to an increase in land-air-sea transportation and logistics services provided to companies. It is inevitable for companies providing services in this regard to increase their service quality and standards.

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    What is Logistics Shipping ?

    Landor Transport, with its extensive domestic service network and expert staff, provides reliable and reliable services worldwide in all areas of domestic and international transportation. In addition to the warehousing, distribution, domestic complete transportation services of Landor Transport, you can benefit from customer-specific logistics solutions such as dealer joint warehouse and home delivery.

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    Who can see the information on the portal ?

    Loads entered by exporters can be viewed by all logistics companies. The cargo owner exporter company information is displayed within the knowledge and permission of the exporter.

How do we work ?



Collecting transportation requests from customers and recording details.



Evaluating demands, determining transportation routes, allocating vehicles and equipment, planning storage requirements.


Operational execution

To carry out operational activities such as transportation, storage, packaging and to manage daily logistics operations.


Monitoring and evaluation

Monitoring processes, evaluating performance, correcting errors, and continually seeking opportunities for improvement.

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